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“The Cop Scene” from NHT

So, I’ve been working on a script.  A television pilot about a young woman whose love of music leads her to a job at a record label, set in the 1990s.

It’s amazing how I pluck these ideas out of thin air, ay?

I started it awhile ago and periodically revisit it, with new eyes, as they say, to see what to tweak, cut, add, and to play around with different scenarios.

This was such a great time in my, I mean her, life and I love the world of it and would really like to make something of it. At the very least something I can be proud of that makes me smile. As with most things I write that have to do with something that actually happened, I consider it a love letter to that situation or time. It’s in no way exactly what happened but starts with the kernel of truth and expands like stardust from there.

I’m considering posting the script in its current form, in segments, over the course of four or so installments. It would be like “watching” a TV show in six minute bursts. Seems like it might be fun. I’m figuring it out.

But until then, I’ve decided to post this scene, which was written as a possible way to open the show but ultimately I know — if I may speak in the parlance of the music biz — might work better as a B-side, an import 7″, or a demo/alternative take to be released in a retrospective vinyl box set that only hardcore fans will wholly appreciate.

Parts of this could ostensibly be used down the line in some other situation. Or none of it might see the light of day. It’s essentially a teaser. But playing around to see what the character might get into seems valuable and it amuses me. Therefore, and hence, I’m a gonna put some bits out there as I continue honing the script in full. It’s a journey. Not the band, Journey. Maybe it’s a Motley Crue.

With that said, picture me wearing spandex and imploring you in a high-pitched scratchy scream, to spark up your Bic lighters for what I am currently referring to as:

“The Cop Scene” from NOW, HERE, THIS.

Thank you, North Hollywood!


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3 thoughts on ““The Cop Scene” from NHT”

  1. Fun start! The traffic I can relate to, but a nice cop who decides to help her after pulling her over is hard to imagine, honestly. If only! Keep it coming though. It’s fun to read. I always enjoy your writing!

    1. Trac,

      I hear ya. I suppose it became a moment where he was less a cop and more Tony from the Tune Team. 😉 But remind me to tell you about the last time I had a meter maid ticket me as I ran out to get in my car. Grrrrr!

      Thanks for reading and for the feedback and kind words. I think I’m going to go for it and post my script soon. Let the main event and fun begin.


  2. Polly Levinson

    Hi Rach,

    I’m glad I finally had a chance to read this! (As an aside – on The Today Show the other day they were talking about in-boxes and how some people have 7000 unread messages while others have 0. Savannah and I are in the 7000 camp; Matt’s in 0, so he would’ve gotten to this before me! Plus, it was like they were listening to our previous conversation) 🙂

    ANYWAY, I love the title!!! And I love the name Ruby (have we ever talked about this being one of my favorite names?). And I think the first scene is very sweet… I hope Ruby keeps in touch with the nice policeman when she has some pull at the record company!
    Keep ’em comin’!


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