Ten Items Or Fewer

“Good luck,” I said. I almost slipped her an extra one. But if she hadn’t returned it upon realizing, I would’ve been disappointed by her dishonesty. Then again, maybe if she’d won, she’d have come back and shared her spoils with me. It was all too complicated and weighted. I couldn’t hold her responsible for the moral fabric of the human race. I was glad I suppressed the urge.

woman with bird by Pablo Picasso

Little Birds

Since you’ve been gone I notice little birds. These little birds come and go. They come, hello they go, goodbye. I have wondered if they are you. But then I tell myself if they were you they wouldn’t go, they would stay. Against all odds against nature and instinct and the cruelty of existence. So …

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my dog Theo in lounge mode

My Dog Theo

Some of you know, by reputation, personal experience, his Twitter feed, or my countless posts of his epically handsome face, my dog Theo.

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