Ten Items Or Fewer

(Originally posted on The Coachella Review.)

I am thrilled to announce the release of my short story “Ten Items Or Fewer” published in The Coachella Review’s 2019 Winter Issue!

It’s a story about people connecting and searching, and I’m starting to realize that every story I write is essentially about that in one way or another and so without further ado, I present you with…

Ten Items or Fewer

Lots of love from me to you,

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2 thoughts on “Ten Items Or Fewer”

  1. Just read this on (in?) Coachella Review. Really, really liked it. Smart, funny and believable. Kept me reading to the end. My faith in this business got a welcome (welcomed?) shot in the arm. / Jon

  2. Jon!

    I do not know why I’m only seeing this now but thank you and I’m so glad the story connected with you!

    Thanks for reading and all my best,

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