Happy Father’s Day — scene from a script based on a situation with my dad

It’s Father’s Day! A lovely time where we honor our pops and give them bottles of Old Spice or funny socks or try not to get in a fight with them or miss them because they are dead. Hurray!

In honor of all of this I decided to take a look-see at some of the things I’ve written over the years involving father characters and, hooey, let me tell you, I’ve got quite a cache. Therapy definitely helped, but this lady still has father on the brain. Anyhoo, I plucked one from the batch and decided to spruce it up a little, let it stand for the most part, and post it now.

You may wonder:

Is it based on true events? Kind of yes. Some of it.

Was your dad really like that? Yes. Partly. In his heart of hearts. Though, as I was writing it I did picture David Duchovny in the role.

Did you really do that?/Did that really happen to you? Yes…but not exactly.

So, there you have it. A few scenes from a script I never quite finished but still sits in the crockpot of my mind.

Happy Father’s Day…fathers, daughters, sons, moms.


(click on this link below to read the scene!)

The Rolling Stones 062115

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