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“Love, Me” AKA My Boy Band Song

(Originally posted on The Nervous Breakdown.)


(Verse 1)


They don’t understand.

You swirl and twirl in your world.

I want to hold your hand.

One day.



Love me.

Love, me.

Love me.

Love, me.


(Verse 2)


When you look at me.

We can ride a rainbow.

I know.

You’re my best girl.



Love me.

Love, me.

Love me.

Love, me.



First base… (Aw, yeah, I got to kiss you…)

Second base… (Good god, I like to touch you…)

Third base… (I’m not sure what that is but let’s keep going…)

Home run… (Your mama’s calling you for dinner, let’s resume tomorrow…)


(Cutest guy’s a cappella solo)

Your heart and my heart collide as one as we morph into love itself and permeate the sky with our perfect bliss.


(Verse 3)

Take my heart, keep it safe.

I like your freckles.


Love’s no fun, when you’re on the run, you’re the fugitive of my heart.



Love me.

Love, me.

Love me.

Love, me.



Don’t forget my love.

(Repeat… to fade out.)

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