No Longer Wondering

Hey look!

It’s my first collaboration AND my first cartoon!

I am very pleased that my dear old pal, Crispin Wood — who I knew initially as the electrifyingly awesome guitarist in the righteous rawk band from Boston, The Bags, and now for the cartoon work he creates for his comic strip — was amenable to partnering with me to bring a thought I had in my head to glorious two dimensional life. And he did it so fast. I’m not sure if it’s because he was inspired or just wanted to get this chick off his ass. Regardless, I’m wholly impressed with how it came out. It’s the strangest thing being anyway involved with something that was first nothing, then a thought, then a thought communicated, then that thought realized in a finished form that you can see. Life is amazing, g-damn it!

I had a moment where I was concerned this might be a little like that SEINFELD episode about the NEW YORKER/ZIGGY cartoon. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s fine. If you do, then you get to bask in that extra layer of angst and questioning I’m known and revered for. As for what inspired it, all I can tell you is the muse is a fickle thing, appearing whence you least expect her, forcing her charms and will upon you in the absurdest of situations.

If you have any questions, concerns (about my well-being or otherwise) please leave word in the comment section, email me, text me (if you have my digits), find me on Twitter, find my dogs on Twitter, think about me hard…

All right, that’s it… here’s the cartoon…


comic headstone

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15 thoughts on “No Longer Wondering”

  1. Hilarious – would go over big here in the retirement land of Rancho Mirage where the average age is 63! Congrats Rachel – really great concept and excellent illustration.

    Yo mama…..

  2. Ha ha ha ( that’s old fashioned for LOL). This is my kind of humor. Great cartoon, great illustration. It’s going on my fridge. Where’s the next one?

  3. Rach,

    You are constantly amazing me. So much about you I never knew!

    C. Wood really captured the essence of your idea in a 2-D form. Very cool…

    xoxo your Cuz,

    1. Rachel Pollon Williams

      Thank you, CC!! (That would be “Cuz Cheryl”)
      It’s fun that there’s always new things to learn about each other even if someone’s known you, literally, your entire life. Wowza, right?
      And, yes, Crispin (C. Wood) rocks!


  4. Nice job Rach!

    The Family Circus is all, “Is she gone? Can I come out now?” <–quaking with fear

    And you're all, "Get back in your hole, Jeffy!" <– authoritatively

  5. Rachel Pollon Williams

    Thank you, El P!!
    Being that you are an authority in the world of animation I will definitely take that compliment AND Jeffy might want to start thinking about honing other skills than simply being an animated character.

    1. Aw, Marilyn – thank you! So glad we speak the same language – literally AND humor aesthetically. Clap, clap – and more soon!


  6. I love this so much. It made me think, well, no wonder Jane is FINALLY at peace. She has stopped torturing herself. The only think I’m not sure about – is this really a one off? Maybe you and Mr. Wood could partner on a collection? I think the New Yorker would also be lucky to have your clever mind working for them. With love, your fan, Wendy

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